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Your Reflexology Treatment

During your first appointment before treatment begins, a detailed consultation form will be completed assessing your health and current lifestyle. This will help to develop an individual treatment plan and gain a thorough understanding of the factors affecting your well-being.

For the treatment you will be reclined on a comfortable couch with just socks and shoes removed. Thumb and finger pressure is applied to the reflex points of the feet or hands, helping to stimulate or sedate any areas of imbalance. The treatment is peaceful and soothing. Many clients fall asleep or drift into a deeply relaxed state during their treatment.

Reflexology is suitable for adults and children of all ages and it can compliment on-going medical care. The course of treatments will vary in number and frequency, depending on your individual requirements.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a relaxing and non-invasive complementary therapy that aims to optimise both physical and emotional health. It is based on the principle that our body structure and organs are mapped on the feet and hands at specific places called reflex points. By applying touch and pressure to these reflexes the bodies own natural healing abilities may be stimulated to help restore natural equilibrium and promote healing.

I work holistically to treat the whole person not just the symptoms and work with each person as a whole rather than with any singular health complaint.

I use advanced techniques including vertical reflex therapy (VRT) and precision reflexology to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Reflexology is safe for all ages, from the very young to older persons.


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